What makes the fish so valuable and healthy for people?

The fish - the wonders of nature.

Gourmets with a refined taste all over the world are sure to delight with valuable fish specialties from the lakes and rivers of the company RIVER FISH

Lightly smoked trout or small carp or pikeperch? You can find all this at RIVER FISH.

The fish is healthy!

But what exactly does the water dweller make for us so valuable and healthy? Fish is very low in calories and is therefore a great protein source for a healthy diet. Because 100 grams of fish contain up to 20 grams of high-quality protein. Thus, fish are regarded as the best saddle makers. Also for the omega-3 fatty acids, fish is the best, natural supplier.

The body needs this, but it cannot make it by itself. They protect us from inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and strengthen the immune system as well as the brain function. The vitamin D also hides in the miracle weapon - fish.

Since we do not get so much sunshine in our latitudes to cover the vitamin D needs in this way, one should eat a portion of fat fish, such as salmon or carp, once a week.

Whatever fish you prefer, RIVER FISH is always fresh and fast, so you can enjoy your specialty as delicious as possible. Fine fish specialties from RIVER FISH ... give pleasure and enjoy!!

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