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sea fish

Sea fish

Sea fish - SEA FISH

SEA FISH own preservation technology of sea fish

SEA FISH technology provides a completely new approach to the existing marine fish preservation technology. Considering that there are two types of technologies in the world for preserving marine fish, the Norwegian and the Mediterranean way. 99% of the fish canned are processed according to Mediterranean way and only 1% in the Norwegian way, we have developed our own fish conservation technology.

Our unique SEA FISH marine fish preservation technology is not comparable to a similar product, from taste to appearance. And we've been doing this for a decade!

So, we are able to offer the market a much wider range of premium quality marine fish in both canned and quality glass jars.

In the program, we have mackerel but soon we will also have sea bream, wolf bass, hake and wild salmon and as a special delicacy the shrimp and sea sword (razor clams).

We invite you to convince yourself in our unique quality.