Trout in glass jar

Trout in glass jar

Creation for gourmets: River Fish trout médaillons


Creation for gourmets: River Fish trout médaillons

River Fish trout médaillons are a completely new product and so far, unique on the market. Gourmets chose with the lightly smoked premium trout médaillons in a glass jar a fruity white wine.

Origin of the River Fish trout médaillons

The fish is the freshwater trout from the Serbian region Zlatibor, which is carefully cultivated. Before fishing them, a controlled selection takes place. Only in this way the first-class, top quality taste of the River Fish trout médaillons is ensured. The trout which belongs to the salmon fish is also found in the sea, such as in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea as well as in the Atlantic. The sea trout is wandering, while the freshwater trout always lives in the same lake or stream. It is delicate and very tasty.

Our technology of preservation

The River Fish trout médaillons receive their premium taste through our RIVER FISH technology. The fish is preserved in top quality olive oil with a little sea salt. This preservation technology of our freshwater fish has been unique so far. It differs from the two usual preservation techniques for seawater fish (the Norwegian and the Mediterranean method). You will, therefore, relish the River Fish trout médaillons, which are nowhere else existing yet. The premium product in the glass jar is also optically convincing.

River Fish trout médaillons are produced only by hand

The médaillons in the glass jar are derived from carefully selected fillet pieces, which are lightly smoked after filleting and boning them. After preservation, the first-class fish can be stored longer (see the indications on the glass jar) and is a healthy and creative meal or side dish for gourmets. As a combination, a number of hors d’oeuvres or salads are suitable. Every preservation glass jar is delivered with its own serial number. With that you will know that you have received an original and individual piece.

Which wine goes best with the River Fish trout médaillons?

The freshwater trout has a slightly basic tendency. Therefore, a fruity (slightly sour) white wine goes well with it. We recommend precise and mineral wines for the freshwater trout. A dry, fresh Riesling with a good body would suit just as well as a classic Grüner Veltliner or a Sauvignon Blanc. Also, a Weißburgunder or Morillon go very well with our River Fish trout médaillons.

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