Carp in glass jar

Carp in glass jar

Carp médaillons in a glass jar


Carp médaillons in a glass jar

With RIVER FISH our popular carp must not be missing among the whole enjoyable assortment.

Let us begin with the breeding

The fish used for carp médaillons is from the Južna Bačka region in Serbia, where we conjure a fish quality through our specialised knowledge and continual care whose taste will captivate you.


In order to give you a high-quality experience of taste, only the best carps strictly selected by our highly-qualified employees will go into our assortment. Each preservation glass gets its own serial number to guarantee the top quality of the respective product.


In order to guarantee our high-quality standard, our carps are filleted and carefully boned merely by hand. Then a controlled process of smoking in our specially designed beech wooden oven follows. Since the mode of packaging is very important, we use specially designed preservation glass jars.

Preservation through the tried and tested RIVER FISH technology

We will, unfortunately, not reveal much about our tried and tested preservation technique, only that much that olive oil of the best quality and a pinch of sea salt belong to it. The production process, which is carried out with great care, renders a carp as well as carp médaillons in the glass jar counting as top products of our assortment, which is already aimed at excellence.

The sophisticated gourmet

RIVER FISH carp médaillons in a glass are a culinary treat even for sophisticated gourmets. Especially when served with red wine, they conquer the world of enjoyment and you will start to love this fish. Already when opening the jar, a unique aroma spreads, which keeps its culinary promise.

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