About us

About us

Miroslav Todorović CEO
Miroslav Todorović CEO

About us

Torus gusto GmbH is an Austrian company, which deals with the conserved freshwater and marine fish. Our company is responsible for the whole EU territory. Torus Gusto GmbH was founded in September 2016, as a company for Production, import and export, wholesale, and distribution a unique brand RIVER FISH and SEA FISH.

Our future

Very proud of our past achievements, we are pursuing our goal as well as at the beginning: the best possible market coverage and expansion of the sales and distribution.

Our vision

We believe that stability and respect are the principles that describe what we are doing. The quality and reliability are what we deliver. We also think that none of this would be possible without our team and especially without our friends and business partners.

Business partner

RIVER FISH is a Serbian family enterprise. It has been specialising in preserving freshwater and seawater fish since 2007. In the meantime, it ranks as one of the leading companies as far as the gentle processing of different kinds of fish and seafood is concerned. Thanks to a specifically developed technology RIVER FISH does without additives and food preservatives. RIVER FISH products are derived from aqua cultures and are sure to be eaten without fear of bones and have been prepared with special consideration. The result is a top-quality product, which has filled thousands of gourmets with enthusiasm. But that is not all. The youngest department owned by us is ORGANIC FISH using wholly organic ingredients in order to produce the same products as organic products.

Our products are packed in metal or glass containers. We use round metal containers (two- or three-part) for the net weights of 100 g, 120 g, 125 g, 130 g, 150 g, 300 g, 450 g, 800 g, 1000 g and 5000 g. The metal tins are sealed, have a lid which can be easily opened (“easy-open-system”) and can have standard covers.

Our glass containers with metal covers (“twist-off-system”) and tightness sensor are used for net weights of 50 g, 105 g, 195 g, 315 g and 800 g.

Our products have a minimum shelf life of five years. The products can be lightly smoked. Variations are: in their own juice, in sunflower oil, in olive oil, in tomato sauce or put in wine. The number of employees differs according to the production volume between five and twenty. The production capacity lies at 75.000 units in one shift per month.

We process freshwater fish such as trout, carps, catfish and pikeperch and seawater fish such as mackerels, sea pikes, herrings, octopus and salmons (soon in production).

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