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Freshwater Fish DELIGHTS

Want to eat fish? The delicious alternative to fresh fish is called RIVER FISH - freshwater fish from a can.
Our lightly smoked trout, carps and pikeperch are delicacies for true gourmets.
Pickled in high-quality sunflower or olive oil, the pleasure is an unforgettable taste experience.
RIVER FISH products come from aquaculture, contain no additives or preservatives,
can be eaten without fear of bones and have been prepared very carefully.
Try it yourself, because we are sure: you will love RIVER FISH.

Mild smoked fish in the can

Creation for gourmets: RIVER FISH - freshwater fish cutlets RIVER FISH trout and carp cutlets present a completely...

Premium class in glass jar - RIVER FISH medallions

Premium class in glass jar - RIVER FISH medallions  Slightly smoked medallions in the glass jar represent a...

Freshwater fish fillets in the advantage pack 820g

RIVER FISH company keeps up with the times, therefore we developed a special product for major celebrations and...

Production technology

Our technology – as good as freshly fished. Lightly smoked trout or perhaps small carp or pikeperch médaillons? You...

Nutritional properties

RIVER FISH freshwater fish: good and healthy Fish is the basic building block for a healthy and balanced diet and...

Freshwater fish

Information about trout. California´s rainbow trout. The rainbow trout is species of salmonid and it is called after...


I am not someone who eats a lot of conserved fish. Sometimes I buy tuna and eat it at dinner and that is it. I have...


Our mission is to produce completely natural, healthy and high-quality fish products, while maintaining high quality standards, thus ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

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