River Fish | gently smoked tinned river fish

Freshwater Fish DELIGHTS

Want to eat fish? The delicious alternative to fresh fish is called RIVER FISH - freshwater fish from a can.
Our lightly smoked trout and carps are delicacies for true gourmets.
Pickled in high-quality sunflower oil, the pleasure is an unforgettable taste experience.
RIVER FISH products come from aquaculture, contain no additives or preservatives, can be eaten without fear of bones and have been prepared very carefully.
Try it yourself, because we are sure: you will love RIVER FISH.

Production technology

Unique preservation technology Unique preservation technology of freshwater fish. In the world, there are two types...

Slightly smoked trout

Mild smoked trout RIVER FISH has always stood for the production of healthy food. In aquaculture held, those Mild...


I am not someone who eats a lot of conserved fish. Sometimes I buy tuna and eat it at dinner and that is it. I have...

Freshwater fish

Freshwater fish is healthy. But what exactly does the water dweller make so valuable for us? Fresh water fish is low...


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River Fish Products are available exclusively through our e-shop. By registering in our e-shop you get the opportunity to have our products available at all times, no matter which European country you live.

Our products you can order and pay through our e-shop.

For all unopened products we guarantee a refund of 100%


Our mission is to produce completely natural, healthy and high-quality fish products, while maintaining high quality standards, thus ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

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